Well, maybe this won't be a surprise to any of you.

Considering that the community is moving to Dreamwidth and considering my recent (or not-so-recent) lack of activity, I figure this is a good time to announce that I am leaving.

My time here at Badfic has been fun.  Lots of fun.  I've had some great moments with all of you, but as of late my interest in LJ RPing has waned, and real life and other various interests have taken hold instead.
You may still see me around sixwordstories and dear mun from time to time, but that's pretty much it.

Thanks for all the great times and memories, y'all.  It's been real.

(This affects Snape, Iroh, and Emma)


Plot Post + Move

First off, as mentioned, we're doing the comm imports Monday/today, so everything is basically closed for the day, to reopen on Tuesday on Dreamwidth! The Plot post will be copied over to the OOC comm there, and starting Tuesday everything will continue on as normal at our new home; we'll rebuild the taken list after given a couple weeks for everyone to check in, and be fixing up the layouts over the week as well, but everything should be up and functional by then.

For Valentine's this year, the House is decked out with decorations; the couches and chairs have extra blankets folded on them, there's pink and red everywhere, and a lot of the decor is just a little bit more comfortable - crackling fires, a nice gentle light sparkling snow outside, with it just cold enough for that to hold; a firepit and blankets are out in the garden's Gazebo, the hot springs are running, and everything's got that little extra bit of comfort. Sappy music is playing in the halls and through the first floor, while the kitchen's being stocked with prepared food, mugs of cocoa, and bottles of wine, although who's responsible is unknown.

Of course, those able to see spirits and the supernatural might catch glimpses of little cupids and fairies flitting around giggling...

The food and drink, of course, isn't exactly safe, although it's a random thing, up to the MUN - some of it's safe, some of it's been spiked by the little "helpers" trying to make this Valentine's week ~special~. While you're more likely to get hit if you raid the pre-prepared food left around, there's still a chance ingredients or food in-progress can get spiked - they're diligent little annoyances. Once someone gets hit by an effect, it'll be in place for 24 to 72 hours at MUN discretion.

There's no warning signs on eating the spiked food or drink; the victim will feel perfectly normal...

Until they run into somebody.

At which point the effects kick in, and for the duration they'll be struck with the effects towards that person. Some of it will be single-target and only hit the first person they see, others might get a more Love Potion #9 effect where it'll shift to whoever else they run into if the initial target leaves - which would mean that, in an open thread, someone with the multi-target version could end up trying to flirt with everybody that tags them! Whether it's "first person they see only" or "first person they see until they run into someone else with that person absent" is entirely up to the MUN.

Of course, a victim who isn't also already suffering from one of the effects is free to react however they want, so you may not get anywhere; if your attempts at Befriending/flirting/hitting on go nowhere, there aren't any actual penalties beyond, depending on the character and severity, some melodrama.

The possible effects are as follows, and can be as severe or filtered through the character's personality as you want:

1) Best Friends - whoever it is, you're struck by all kinds of platonic warm fuzzy feelings; it's like they're the best thing that ever happened to you, closest buddy, and you just want to go spend time with them and hang out and you'll be together looking out for each other for ~life~. Maybe you're protective of them, maybe you're willing to set up anything for their happiness, but they're now your bestest buddy in the whoooole world. If you're hit less hard, then you're liable to act like your character would towards any normal overly close friend of theirs; someone hit harder might get a little obnoxious and platonic-stalkery.

2) Lost Puppy - They are the shiniest, most beautiful, wonderful person and you're crushing hard on them - but for whatever reason they're just too perfect for you to bring yourself to say it outright, whether you'd normally be the type to fluster or be dodgy or not. Still, you're going to find yourself thinking about them and wanting to be around them even if you're relying on them to figure it out... A character hit less hard will basically still act in their normal behavior patterns but be drawn to the target and weirdly unable to spit anything out; a character hit harder will turn into a stuttering fluffy woobie at the object of their affections.

3) Romantic/Sap - Congratulations, you've found your One True Love, and you want to win them over so they return it. A lower dose on this one might bolster courage on shy characters in addition to the "love spell" effect, and would mean the character going about trying to win their new True Love however they'd go about it normally - albeit with a lot less anxiety and a lot more ability to speak up if they're someone that normally struggles. A higher dose, well... I hope they don't mind roses and poetry and sappy speeches.

4) Love Potion No. 9 - The target is now the hottest thing on the planet and you want to hit that. On a low dose, it's again, basically filtered mostly through their personality besides the sudden intense attraction; on a higher dose, just about anybody will lapse into blatant flirting and possibly even bad pickup lines. Note that, as with any of the others, this doesn't guarantee that you'll get anywhere with the object of your affections, nor does it have any penalty if you fail besides maybe some extra pent-up frustration.

A supernaturally aware character that wants to try to interfere with the cupids and fairies can; they're less malicious than the squirrels, but they are pranksters, and there's a LOT of them - they'll happily lead any meddlers on wild goose chases and set up pranks, as well as try to trick the person into eating something more heavily dosed.
Once Upon a Time


First off, we've gone over what we received for the mod app, and we're happy to introduce our new third mod, Katze, who many of you currently know as the MUN behind Mary Winchester and Vivian! She can be reached at Plurk here and chihuahuaofdeath on AIM!

We also now, for those who're on Plurk, have a mod plurk at badfic_mods; remember, Plurk ISN'T a requirement, and if you don't use it everything STILL goes up in the OOC comm and in chat, but if you're on the service we'll start linking to stuff there.

Second, the results of the vote from the last two weeks are in, and there's a half-again majority for the move to Dreamwidth, so we're going to be moving!

For those who already have Dreamwidth accounts set up, this is going to be an easy transition; for those who haven't yet, we've got a few helpful links and information, and you can feel free to ask any questions you have or ask for any help you might need. There's also a Guide To Dreamwidth For LJ Users here.

First off, we're going to be rebuilding the taken list; anyone who's hiatused is getting copied over, and we have a Migration Post up; if you're currently a member, just tag that with your name and who you're bringing with. This and the list of hiatused journals that're coming back will be the main source for the new taken list, although we will try to contact people to double-check if we're not sure. We're going to give probably two weeks for that to get caught up before we start setting up the new taken list, and after that we'll still be accepting latecomers for another week or two.

Second, if you've got ANYTHING on your character journal you want to bring over, Dreamwidth has an import feature that will copy over entries, icons, userinfo, comments, and tags; the importer is here. It can sometimes take a few hours for everything to copy over depending on Dreamwidth's queues and the amount that's in the journal, but it usually goes pretty fast.

Once you've got things imported, if you've got a paid account and extra icons on LJ you're going to want to set up an OpenID claim following the directions here. Where an import copies things over from the Livejournal, OpenID claims link the two accounts. The system's apparently still a bit buggy and being worked on, but it should allow you to use the two journals as a connected account; we're testing it out to make sure it'll allow you to use your paid icons, since we're still looking into it ourselves, but hopefully it'll be an option. Also, if you bought your paid time for LJ in December, they may still be allowing refunds.

After that, we've got four communities to join:
the main comm
the OOC comm
the log comm
the DR/sandbox comm

We're going to be doing the comm imports over Monday; while you can still post/tag to LJ, it might be easier to wait and post/tag on DW once everything's imported; backdating is more than welcome. As for older threads that are still ongoing, it's up to the players involved if they want to continue it on LJ until it's finished or jump on the imported copy of the thread on DW to continue tagging it out there. It shouldn't take more than the one day for everything to get transferred over. At the moment we're finishing setting things up, so there will be some adjustment as things get shifted over and coded!

Also we have another question:

We have a few options with how to handle the plots during the move, and we'd like to throw this open to discussion to hear what everyone wants. The current options are as follows:

1) Cut off the plot after a week as usual and just move on with a new plot as if nothing happened.
2) Continue the plot for two weeks, possibly throwing something extra in partway through the second week if it's active enough.
3) Continue the plot for a half-week, and just leave nothing special going on for the last half-week.
4) Have this week be a "Writer's Block/the Author lost the notebook under her bed" week, and delay the Valentine's plot until next week.
5) Have the Valentine's plot as scheduled, and then allow a "Writer's Block" week the week after to give more time for people to settle in.

We are open to suggestions, too!

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wherein Robyn fails

So, you know that post I made saying 'OMG YAY I CAN POST? :DD '



Sadly, I recieved an email today regarding a new project we're getting officially set on monday; a project which will require a lot of research and time, and will take me up to Easter. So, I'm going to have to call a long term hiatus until April 5th, at least.

I'm really sorry my activity has sucked so hard guys ;a;

This will effect;

Black Jack
Once Upon a Time

Spoiler Post!

Next week is of course, a very special holiday... although it seems this year the Author's being kept a bit busy for anything as extravagant as last year, the Manor's still going to be decorated with sappy music everywhere, and she'll still be trying to ~encourage~ romance. (Even if it might only succeed at annoying people.)

Might want to watch the food, too...

Also, just in case: Don't forget that we're looking for a mod, so get an application in if you're interested, and we're going to be tallying votes on the possibility of moving at the end of this week to make a decision!


I am a perfect example why you shouldn't app during the holidays.

So yeah, I thought I would be able to deal with schoolwork and preparations for important exams this year, but I guess not. Thus, I'm dropping. I had a lot of fun playing here, and I do hope to come back here again someday! <3
Once Upon a Time

Plot Post - Gremlins

This week, the Manor might seem quieter, at first.

Except there's something else living in it besides the characters. There might be something small and fuzzy in the room, and are those other small fuzzy things around the house? Awww, aren't they cute...

Yep, the Manor is infested with Mogwai - gremlins, from the movie.

Oh, it'll seem cute and fluffy at first, and just about anybody at the Manor will probably find one following them around like a pet; for the first part of the week, if nobody messes up, everything will seem to be fine and adorable!

There's even notes on the fridge and in a few other public places with the rules listed:

1) Don't expose them to bright sunlight.
2) Don't feed them after midnight.
3) Don't get them wet.

If they get wet, they'll convulse, and will suddenly spawn a few new Mogwai that grow out of their fur. If they're exposed to bright sunlight, they die - it's like taking a vampire outside. (Fortunately the weather will be nice and cloudy for most of the week, with the sun coming out on Sunday morning.)

And if they're fed after midnight, they rapidly go into a cocoon state, staying that way until sometime the next day, at which point they claw out of it as something considerably less cute. They're about three feet tall, have sharp claws, and are clever little beasts, as well as being fairly aggressive - not necessarily in terms of direct attacks if they don't think they can get away with it, but they're smart enough to rig traps and sabotage things to do harm even if they can't try to attack someone themselves.

(We're assuming that about 8 am/once the sun is up outside is when it becomes "safe" to feed them again.)

Sounds easy, right? After all, all people have to do is follow the rules...

Except around Monday evening, those helpful notes are going to disappear, with mysterious chewed-on paper shreds scattered around the house here and there.

Around Tuesday-ish, there starts being small booby traps with cups of water around the house - even if they're not tripped by players, there's a few Mogwai around that aren't directly under player care, and there will suddenly be a good number more of them. The traps are a bit odd, considering that the components are all fairly small, almost like it's the work of certain bushy-tailed rodents...

And on Wednesday night?

Why, there's any food squirrels, or a group of squirrels working in tandem, could drag out of the pnatry and leave out getting scattered around the manor in the middle of the night, around 1-2 am, going every night until the plot ends, which means that if there aren't any player-caused Gremlins by then, there will be a good number of squirrel-caused ones wreaking havoc.

On the upside, if you manage to keep your Mogwai intact and follow all the rules all week, by MUN option characters can keep their new fuzzy friend!

We're still accepting/looking for another mod or mod assist here, and if you haven't already, remember to vote here about possibly moving or let a Mod know if the site's not working! We'll likely be calling the vote sometime this week, possibly earlier in the week depending on the numbers.

Also as pointed out, if you're using a paid account on LJ, you can use an OpenID claim to have access to all the icons on DW, which is a potential factor to consider in addition to what was listed on the post.


With real life and the LJ thing kicking my butt, I'm declaring a hiatus for Ran and Pinoco for the next few weeks. Hopefully by that time we'll be moving over to Dreamwidth...but it not, maybe I can find the time once my wedding and new job preparation is done to try to figure out how to get on here easier...

I'll try to finish up the tags I owe. I'm sorry for being so scarce!!


Hello~ Dubs here bringing in the first character we've seen in a WHILE... well bringing her BACK anyway.

For those that don't remember and/or have yet to meet the almighty giant mama lizard, Alexstrasza is BASICALLY a Demi God with dominion over life and death. Needless to say- she is very good at healing booboos. Seriously she can just BLEED healing. She is also a Dragon- Queen of the dragons if you want to be specific, though you'll usually see her in a humanoid form. Since Dragons can shapshift where she comes from. And if you haven't already guessed she's kind of ridiculously over powered- to the point where things just spontaneously grow whenever she walks around. She can pretty much just WILL mortal beings into dying (or living) and can actually make people immortal for a short time. There's also some sort of weird presence she exudes that is calming or relaxing....

Luckily for you all she's a big fluffy wooby and will mother everyone she sees to death, especially the troubled sorts. Considering she is RIDICULOUSLY OLD and has had enough children to lose count of- she knows her way around mothering pretty well. And she just loves all the things ever. Expect big lizard mama coddling.

I'll do my best not to godmod her powers and such because HAHAHA RIDICULOUS HEALER IS RIDIC, but if you want some healz/mothering/HOLY SHIT THERE'S A DRAGON BIG ENOUGH TO TRIP OVER MY HOUSE give me a poke!